GN Books will be publishing this anthology at the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 and inspirational Poetry/Short Prose submissions for this project must be received by September 9th.

The main purpose of this anthology is to present personal essays from women or men on the subject of rape; the psychological, spiritual, and emotional elements of being victimized and healing. This anthology is meant to shed light on a "taboo" subject, to provide reader's with a sense of communal experience, and hope for recovery.

We are seeking poetry and flash prose pieces that highlight the healing aspects of what this anthology seeks to achieve, to maintain a sense of hope within these important pages. We do not seek religious poetry or prose pieces unless they are written in a very universal sense. Submissions should emphasize a sense of hope & healing, acceptance of self and giving the self permission to love
These materials need not address the subject of rape or sexual crimes and, in fact, we would prefer that these pieces did not. They will be printed between essays on the subject and will re-enforce the positive message of the anthology without detracting from the harsh reality of those stories.
These pieces are as essential to this anthology as the true stories our courageous contributors have written on such a difficult and painful subject. The hopeful, healing properties of the poetry and short prose pieces are intended to act as a soothing light in a dark place. The personal essays on rape give the reader the comfort of knowing they are not alone, the benefit of communal experiences, but the inspirational materials are the salve that brings healing to the forefront.

There is no reading fee for this project but we do ask that you make a small donation- even $1 or $2 will help, whatever you can afford to contribute to such a worthy cause- to help launch this tremendously important book. The more support we have, personal or financial, the more successful the book will be and these are stories that need to be shared on a topic that needs to come out into the light of day.
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