$3.50 USD
The Spotlight Author is a regular feature found in every issue of Notes Magazine. Between 10 and 15 pages are devoted to this special honor, including: An extended bio and Q7A interview with the featured author, along with (up to 4) short stories and/or essays (preferable 1-2 of each) and six poems. To apply for this feature, you must submit multiple sample works in at lease 2 of the 3 categories below:
Poetry (provide 4-8 poems in your submission)
Short Fiction (provide 2-3 short stories or stand-alone excerpts in your submission)
Creative essay/nonfiction (provide 2-3 essays in your submission)

An ideal candidate should submit excellent works in all three categories though we will consider, and have chosen previous Spotlight Authors, writing in only 2 of the 3.
Publishing history has no affect on a candidates potential to become our next featured author. We look for exceptional authors using unique styles effectively, writing lively works that balance literary artistry and entertainment value. At least half of all our Spotlight Authors to date have been newer writers and had little- if any- publishing history. We do ask that Spotlight applicants provide a brief bio and relevant publishing credits or other accomplishments but this is not taken into consideration as part of your application. If chosen for this honor, this information will be used to create your interview questions and our article discussing your works. In the case of an unpublished author being chosen for this feature, our article and interview will focus more on your style and talent than your background.

Because these applications take more time and man/woman-power to process, we ask that you make a small donation ($3.50) when applying for this honor. Editors participating in reading for the Spotlight Author Feature donate the processing fee to our Author Honorarium Fund, helping to boost payments for those published in Notes.
Authors who truly cannot afford to make this donation, should email Notes@GraceNotesBooks.com with a subject heading "Spotlight Application" and include the required information in the body of the email. We will specifically request the attachment files and ask that you not attach them to the initial email as this may cause the application to be sent to our spam folder & lost forever.