$29.99 USD
Authors may submit the 1st 10,000 words of a novel/memoir or the equivalent length in short stories and/or essays for editorial critique and feedback services. We will also read up to 15 pages of poetry.
This service includes specific comment notes (from a Grace Notes Editor) throughout the manuscript on language/word use, descriptive strength or weakness, characterization, plot, etc. In addition, we provide authors with a one-page summary of what we feel is working in the materials and what we feel could use strengthening.

After receiving our feedback and editorial notes, authors can submit their revised piece for publication consideration and will receive high priority consideration.

Submitting authors need not apply for feedback in order to submit to Notes Magazine or Grace Notes Books. This is an additional service we offer to help writers polish their work into publishable condition so they can submit to any literary magazine or book publisher and have a stronger chance of placing their work.
Reading fees for this service are kept low and considered a donation toward the Grace Notes Foundation's many projects supporting creative writers including honorariums awarded at our writing community, NotesAndGraceNotes.com, and the upcoming GraceWorks Project which will offer mentoring programs for young writers and fellowships awarded to outstanding new writers as well as workshops, literary groups forming nationwide, and other benefits.

Please Note: We are currently hosting our 3rd Annual Discovering the Undiscovered Competitions. These contests do offer a feedback option and while the critique would not be as thorough as this critique service, it may be worth considering entering the competition rather than paying for this service. Early entrants for the competition will receive their critique in a timely manner and have the opportunity to submit a revised draft. Please see the contest rules and guidelines at gracenotesbooks.com.