Please send no more than three poems at a time and do not submit again until you have heard back from us on your initial submission. We would love to see your poetry if-- and ONLY if-- your work does NOT:
1. Contain the phrase "My Soul" or "Your Soul" or the word "soul" in any way, shape, or form-- especially in the title. We're also not real big on the words (or words in the realm of) enlightenment, spirit, or spirituality. It's not that we have an issue with spiritual poetry in particular but we find these words are often the product of passionate poets who might not have learned to mine their minds for unique perspectives and subtle themes. Also, "heart" or "my heart" might not earn you any points here unless you've managed a minor miracle. We find that poems that contain these words/phrases tend to me more exclusively introspective than the type of poetry we're interested in and are usually (although not always) an immediate indicator of poor expression.
2. Does not contain centering, bolds, underlines, a variety of fonts, an exclamation point, or an unusual amount of italics.
3. Does not use a single word, phrase, or sentence repeated over and over. For instance: IamGodandGodisme. I am God and God is me. I. Am. God. And. God. Is.Me...(repeat, rinse, repeat to amount to 500 words.)
Yes, we've seen this as an actual example-- and, no, we don't think it's amazingly creative. Sorry.


Common Sense Dictates:
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